Metody pomiaru przekonań światopoglądowych

Scale to Assess World View (Ibrahim, Owen, 1994)

Ibrahim, F. A., Owen, S. V. (1994). Factor analytic structure of the Scale to Assess World View. Current Psychology, 13, 201-209.

Polska adaptacja: Farah Ibrahim, Jan Cieciuch

Ibrahim, F., Cieciuch, J. (2011, sierpień). Polish worldview: Using the Scale to Assess Worldview. Referat na 119th American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Waszyngton.


Social Axioms Survey (Leung i in., 2002)

Leung, K., Bond, M. H., De Carrasquel, S. R., Munoz, C., Hernández, M., Murakami, F., Yamaguchi, S., Bierbrauer, G., Singelis, T. M. (2002). Social axioms: The search for universal dimensions of general beliefs about how the world functions. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 33(3), 286-302.

Polska adaptacja: Jan Cieciuch


Proenvironmental Value Scale (Soyez, Hoffmann, Wünschmann, Gelbrich, 2009)

Soyez, K., Hoffmann, S., Wünschmann, S., Gelbrich, K. (2009). Proenvironmental value orientation across cultures. Development of a German and Russian scale. Social Psychology, 40(4), 222-233.

Polska adaptacja: Jan Cieciuch


Nature Relatedness Scale (Nisbet, Zelenski, Murphy, 2009)

Nisbet, E. K., Zelenski, J. M., Murphy, S. A. (2009). The Nature Relatedness Scale: Linking individuals’ connection with nature to environmental concern and behavior. Environment and Behavior, 41(5), 715-740.

Polska adaptacja: Jan Cieciuch


Community Autonomy and Divinity Scale (Guerra, Giner-Sorolla, 2010)

Guerra, V. M., Giner-Sorolla, R. (2010). The Community, Autonomy, and Divinity Scale (CADS): A new tool for the cross-cultural study of morality.Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 41(1), 35-50.

Polska adaptacja: Jan Cieciuch